Queens Museum Studio in the Park blog series:

Week 1 / Week 2 / Week 3 / Week 4 / Week 5 / Week 6 / Week 7 / Week 8

David Winton Bell Gallery Collection Spotlights:

Mentor Huebner’s “Exterior Overpass”

Jan Groover’s “Untitled”

Honoré Daumier’s “Voyage A Travers Les Populations Empressées”

Ando Hiroshige’s “Snowy Landscape”

Le Corbusier’s “La Main Ouverte”

Farley Aguilar’s “The Huddle”

Creative Capital’s The Lab:

From Artist to Enterprise

Higher Resonance: Jennie C. Jones’ Revisionist Modernism

Between Human and Object: Performing Artists on the Possibilities of Puppets


Commonwealth Ruins: Orientalism and Urban Design in India’s Capital, 1911–2010 (honors thesis; read the Introduction here)

The 21st Century Indian City: Developing an Agenda for Urbanization in India


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